Technical Information

The KidsMatter website is built on an open-source Drupal 7.12 Content Management System. It is hosted and developed within Australia. This version of the website was released in August 2012. Relevant content from the old site was migrated.

The site is delivered in a responsive-design format that can accomodate mobile devices. Currently about 14% of site visitors arrive via mobile device.

The common main browsers have been tested with the site. Currently we see about 45% of visitors using Internet Explorer, 21% use Safari, 15% use Chrome and 13% use Firefox. IE6 and IE7 use is declining rapidly, now down to 1% and 4% of users respectively. IE 6 is not supported, and your experience of the site will be limited. IE 7 is, but you will get a better experience of the site if you upgrade to IE 8/9.


A final review was carried out 19 November 2012 by Vision Australia, and the KidsMatter website satisfied all Level AA Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) specification. In general, most resources are accessible in a screenreader-friendly format....either Word, PowerPoint or plain HTML. In some instances particular PDF documents have not been provided in an alternative non-PDF format. These are either particularly complex documents, or extracts from academic journals or papers where we have permission to use the material as is, within the context of the magazine format.
Please contact us if you are having an accessibility issue with this sort of PDF content..

Similarly, the audio-visual resources have been prepared with transcripts and subtitles available, and tested for the most common browser configuration for keyboard control. Alternatively, most of these resources are also available in a generally accessible format via YouTube.


The site has four main sub-site sections, with content and resources aimed at specific, identified audience groups. These are:

  • Primary Schools: teachers, principals, school staff
  • Early Childhood: staff and early childhood service directors
  • Families: parents and carers of children
  • Health and Community: professionals working in the areas that touch on children's mental health

There is a wealth of material in the site. Some pages use a "fold-down" format, where main topics within the page are shown by their headings with a + indicating the material will unfold to reveal a larger volume of text information. Simply click on the heading and the material will be displayed.

When printing, only the unfolded material will be printed. If you want to print the entire page, unfold each topic. In general, pages print in a "paper-friendly" format, leaving behind navigational elements and simply printing core page content.

Visitors might expect to spend all of their time within one section. On that basis, when searching or navigating within one of the sub-sites, a visitor will generally see links and results relating specifically to content within that sub-site.

The search is initially configured to just search the "local" subsite. You can expand the range if you wish. The site uses a Google engine and results are derived from a Google search of the site. You may still occasionally find links to content in the old site in search results, but in general, rules have been put in place to redirect you to the new site equivalent. We expect the older links to drop off Google's results over time.


Main navigation is via the left-hand menu.

Less structured navigation is via the See-also window on the right. On any given page, FAQ or News item you might see some See also links. These are links to other items that share similar keywords.

There are a range of content types in the sites: FAQs, News and Pages are the most obvious types. There is also a document store for PDFs. 

Programs guide

A large number of programs have been assessed, and you can filter-search for a program that suits your particular needs.


The information and multimedia used in this publication are not intended to reflect on the character or reputation of any persons pictured or identified in this publication. The images are for illustration purposes only and any persons pictured or identified are in no way associated with the subject matter of the publication.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are also advised that this publication may contain images or audio of deceased persons. 

Video Content

Video content for the KidsMatter Primary website was produced by Limelight Creative Media.


We welcome your comments and feedback.