This guide is for schools, early childhood services and health and community services that want to work towards strengthening their support of Aboriginal children’s social and emotional wellbeing. It is designed to be used during a Professional Learning session following discussion around the animations and completion of the Self-Reflection Tool. The action chart has been designed for services to input specific, immediate actions they can take to begin working towards increasing their knowledge of Aboriginal children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Examples of actions are included in the chart to help your service begin.

Your service can commit to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali program is designed to support early childhood, primary and secondary schools in Australia to develop environments that foster a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

Action Responsibilty Timeline Success measure
Expand opportunities to increase knowledge of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing.  (Eg. an action to support Aboriginal children's sense of identity) Manager, team leader 3 months Professional Learning session held using KidsMatter Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing animations.
Find additional resources/information around Aboriginal children's social and emotional wellbeing. All staff 3-6 months
Commit to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Nominated staff 6-12 months

Download a blank action chart [995KB] to record your own school's or service's actions.

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