These animations aim to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children. Each animation provides a story that highlights key messages about the day-to-day caring of Aboriginal children’s wellbeing by parents, families and communities.

The animations

How the animations were developed

These animations were developed by KidsMatter in partnership with highly regarded Aboriginal cultural consultants from diverse geographical locations including Victoria and Central Australia. The cultural consultants were engaged from the beginning of the project and worked closely with the KidsMatter team to develop the concepts, scripts and key messages of the films.

Read more about who was involved in making the films.

Further information about the participatory framework developed to produce this suite of culturally relevant, safe and appropriate resources can be found in the October 2014 edition of InPsych.

Animation themes

Each animation covers one of the following themes:

  1. Cultural identity: 
    These animations that cover this theme highlight how children's sense of identity and belonging is supported and strengthened by their connection to family, culture and cultural practices.

  2. Adults taking care of themselves:
    The animations that cover this theme highlight the importance of adults looking after their own social and emotional wellbeing and asking for help so they can support childrens wellbeing.

  3. Resilience:
    The animations that cover this theme explore the intergenerational passing down of knowledge and experiences and how this is essential in supporting children to develop resilience.

The following table outlines key messages within each of the animations that relate to the themes.  The themes and key messages can be used to help guide conversation around the animations as well as approach the issues surrounding social and emotional wellbeing.



Key Messages

Nanna's Painting

  • Spend time with your Elders
  • Know where you come from
  • Pass on your knowledge

My Grandfather

  • Maintain relationships with significant people in your life
  • Be proud of you and other's life achievements
  • Learn from both school and culture

The Artist

  • Be proud of where you belong and where you come from
  • Find your identity within

Window Shopping

  • Be proud of who you are
  • Making change starts from within
  • Seek guidance


  • Ask for help of you need it
  • Support your children in getting an education

The Spirit

  • Maintain a strong spirit
  • Understand your spirit to strengthen the family's spirit


  • Reconnect to your culture in times of need
  • Find some space to stop and reflect on your life
  • Doing the work of an adult is to keep hope and if you learn that you can make change

The Walk of Life

  • Reverse stress and shame to pride of self, family and culture
  • Include men in the nurturing and parenting of children
  • Fulfil the male role, even though nobody showed you how to do it
  • Reinstate your positive role as a man in family and community
  • Permit male adults to look after themselves

Thank You

  • Pass on values and beliefs to new generations
  • Giving creates comfort in the person in need
  • Giving and caring are key values of our society


  • Find your place in community
  • Be a positive role model for your children and for the community 
  • Pass on your family's history to your children
The Job Interview
  • Having a sense of what you are good at is vital during tough times
  • Be there for your wife, kids and family, and support them
  • Don't blame others for the situation you are in

My Father's Words

  • Don't let others make you doubt yourself
  • Listen to the wisdom of your forefathers

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