KidsMatter would like to acknowledge the key people and organisations involved in the development of the KidsMatter Aboriginal animations:

Aboriginal consultants, writers and psychologists worked with the KidsMatter team at the Australian Psychological Society to develop the concepts, scripts and key messages for each animation. The project provided the opportunity to strengthen relationships with Aboriginal peoples from both the Victorian and Central Australian region. Significant contributions to the project were made by: Alfie Bamblett, Aunty Di Kerr, Ronald Briggs, Selena White, Christine Farmer, Carmen Naivalu, Virginia O’Rourke and Beck Cole. Special acknowledgement to consultants: MK Turner, Christine Palmer, Veronica Turner and Marilyn Cavanagh for their valued contribution to the development of content.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) produced the animations.

Executive producer: Nicholas Lee

Producer: Lisa Watts

Production manager: Kim Steblina

Production coordinator: Tanith Glynn-Maloney

Director: Lisa Watts

Writer: Beck Cole

Animators: Tim Adlide, Vivien Mason,Trevor Wills and Maik Hempel

Assistant animators: Chris Fitzpatrick and Ben Stephenson

Model designer: Claire Douglas

Composer: Crystal Itjuwalyi Butcher

Directors of photography: Murray Lui and Dylan McDonald

Additional camera: Tim Adlide

Editors: Louis Keller and Kamahl Druesne

Sound recordist: Louis Keller and Elijah Barbour

Sound design: Paul Pirola, Boomtracks

Sound Editor: Andrew, Boomtracks

Music producer: Tim Cole

Title design: Reddirt Graphics

Voice over artists: Mikaela Simpson, Donald Mallard, Steve Hodder, Stirling Hill, Tanith Glynn-Maloney and Declan Castle

Identity artwork by Josh Muir

Family Old Times artwork by Betty Conway, Tangentyere Artists