Some fathers are not able to see their children as much as they would like to. This might be because they work away from home, work long hours, or are separated from their family. Sometimes, this can cause difficult feelings for dads such as homesickness, heartache, jealousy, sadness or isolation.

However, parenting from a distance does not mean that a father’s parenting role is less significant than it used to be. If a father is not able to have frequent physical contact with his child yet provides warm, stimulating, and positive contact when possible, children still benefit. Dads can stay connected with their children, even if they are not living with them, or if there is a big geographical distance between them.

Some dads might worry that fathering from a distance means that they will miss out on quality time and developmental milestones. However, children benefit from knowing what their dads are doing and where they are, and dads benefit from knowing what is happening in their children’s lives.