06 June 2018

With a focus on protective factors we can all support transitions – big or small – in children’s lives.

On Thursday May 31, 2018, KidsMatter Consultants Sandy Clark and Nikki Edwards joined us for a webinar exploring transitions with a focus on protective factors and every day transition experiences that educators can put into action today.

Transitions signify the end of something and beginning of something else.

They play a significant part in the life of any child, adult, school and early childhood service.

For BIG transitions in a child’s life―like starting primary school― we often think in terms of how to prepare children and support their mental health and wellbeing.

However, throughout our lives, little transitions fill each day too. 

Whether transitions are big, or little, we can build protective factors for children’s mental health and wellbeing into them. By filling children’s lives with little transitions that are positive experiences, the BIG ones are often not so big either.

Sandy and Nikki explored how using the KidsMatter framework can support us in filling the little, and BIG transitions, in a child’s life with protective factors for their mental health.

Recording of the webinar event

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