27 February 2013

Portland Child and Family Complex at Glenelg Shire Council in Victoria have recently begun their journey with KidsMatter. Karen Meyrick wrote to us about their Leadership Team's experiences at the Getting Started session.


The Getting Started session was a great way for our Leadership Team to gain knowledge about KidsMatter Early Childhood and begin to really connect as a team.

Educators discovered that we will be reflecting on our current practices with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, building on our service's strengths and making modifications to practices as we discover areas for improvement.

It won't be an arduous task—but rather an extension of our current reflective practices as we strive to improve quality at the service and facilitate better outcomes for all children and their families.

The small group activities throughout the session enabled our Leadership team to identify our strengths as individuals and to discuss how we could work as an effective team to implement KidsMatter in our service. We discussed strategies on how we will endeavour to gain full participation from all our educators and ways to engage with families and get their input in how they want to be involved.

Our Leadership Team left the session enthusiastic and motivated to get started on our KidsMatter journey.

The day after the Getting Started session, educators returned to the workplace and shared their new-found knowledge about KidsMatter and the Framework with other educators.