19 March 2013

At Moresby Avenue Child Care and Early Learning Centre we—educators and families alike—are looking forward to adopting the KidsMatter Early Childhood framework as a worthwhile initiative for the benefit of our children.

The KidsMatter framework was introduced to us through personal and very informative sessions run by Glenda Grummet, who even visited us after hours at one of our regular parent committee meetings (thanks Glenda!).

We think this framework will enhance our skill-set as educators but also provide a platform for direct dialogue with families to ensure the children are growing up in an encouraging environment that furthers their good mental health.

So what do we expect to learn by participating in the initiative?

  • We’d like to expand our partnerships between educators and families by providing a comfortable setting where observations can be discussed and where we can work collaboratively to develop our children’s social and emotional skills.
  •  We wish to expand our educator skill-set to continuously provide the best possible care for the children in the centre and to help them develop in positive ways.
  • The connection with our parent committee is essential for the centre’s excellence, so in joining this initiative as a group of educators, parents and committee members, we seek to further enhance the governance of our centre.

In their own words:

  • Tanja, parent and committee member: ‘I am very grateful that MACC’s Coordinators are embracing this initiative within the centre as I see huge benefits in not shying away from the mental health topic. I appreciate that this framework is not about assessment but observation and that it encourages collaboration and dialogue between families and educators with the aim to provide a happy childhood. It will be good to hear more about KidsMatter in the introductory session.’
  • Savita Noone and Nora Eletr, Centre Co-ordinators: 'We feel privileged to have been chosen for this great initiative. We believe that the awareness of mental health in children and our community is of great importance. We look forward to further enhancing our knowledge and skills and becoming more equipped with our dealings on mental health matters and to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of our children and their families.'