20 October 2016

Shared thinking is a blog for educators committed to ‘growing healthy minds’ 

Our blogs are intended to engage people in processes of learning, reflecting and sharing about their experiences of using KidsMatter to support their endeavour to make children’s mental health a priority.

It is a place that offers support Leadership Teams and educators while they implement KidsMatter. You'll find:

  • resources
  • inspiration and ideas from other services
  • answers to your questions
  • a place to discuss your experiences

Finding what you want

You can find articles that interest you by typing a keyword into the search our blog box  on the Shared Thinking landing page.

Use keywords to find what you want

At the end of a blog post you will also find the keywords relating to that particular blog. Click one of those and you will discover more blogs about similar or related topics.  

Calling for contributions

We welcome contributions that highlight real life experiences of using the KidsMatter Early Childhood framework and resources. Blog posts can be created in many ways and cover many concepts. They can recount events, offer reflections about experiences or observations, record interviews with people or provide information about particular topics.

Do you have an experience you would like to share with our learning community?

Email us or get in touch via our Facebook page and we can discuss your plans to contribute to the Shared Thinking blog. 

Beyond the Shared Thinking blog

Alongside what we publish here on our blog, we have many other resources on the KidsMatter website and our social media platforms. Take a virtual tour to discover just what is out there!