These KidsMatter Professional Learning topics focus on community.

A positive sense of community within early childhood services promotes the wellbeing of children, families and staff. It exists when everyone:

  • promotes mental health and wellbeing
  • engages in warm, responsive and caring relationships that foster feelings of security
  • has a sense of belonging within the setting and therefore feels included and valued for who they are
  • acknowledges and respects diversity

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A community that promotes mental health

During early childhood, children experience relationships and learn skills that support their mental health for life. In collaboration with families and the community, early childhood services are one of the best places to support children through this important developmental period.


Children learn and develop in the context of relationships with others. When children experience warm, responsive, and secure relationships it builds their confidence, sense of identity and trust in the world.


A sense of belonging establishes strong foundations for building meaningful relationships. It relates to feeling happy about being part of the early childhood community as well as feeling valued, accepted, respected and cared about by others. 


An inclusive service promotes understanding and respect by welcoming children, families, and staff from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive practice involves celebrating and honouring differences.

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