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There are many ways to be involved in Be You such as Facebook, Twitter, the Be You blog as well as the National Check-in events to help your whole community be informed about promoting positive mental health for children and young people and be committed to growing a mentally healthy generation.




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Meet the team

Find out some more about the KidsMatter Early Childhood team located across Australia. 


Penny Andersen

Facilitator Penny has been an educator for fifty-five years. She began in early childhood education and later held a number of senior positions in school leadership, teacher education, curriculum development, research, and project planning. Her passion for understanding and supporting the learning and wellbeing of young children has continued throughout her career.



Kerry Bidwell

Facilitator Kerry has a Clinical Psychology background and is passionate about evidence-based approaches to mental health promotion and workplace wellbeing. She has managed large-scale public health initiatives and gained extensive mental health and early childhood experience as a consultant, clinician, project manager and trainer across the health, education and disability sectors.



Janelle Bowler

Facilitator Janelle is an early childhood teacher who has worked in the field for over 30 years as a classroom, early intervention and specialist behaviour support teacher. She is committed to promoting ways relationships can influence positive mental health, well-being and learning.




Sandy Clark

Facilitator Sandy has been involved with KidsMatter Early Childhood since March 2010.   She brings with her strong commitment to children and families and the importance of the early years. Sandy’s work history and qualifications include social work,  primary school teaching and mental health promotion.



Glenda Grummet

Facilitator Glenda has a wide range of experience working with children, adults, families and educators in mainstream, early intervention and disability services. She continues to build the skill capacity of early childhood educators, help understanding the impact of relationships on early brain development and the link with mental health and wellbeing of children, families and educators.  


 Leanne Harding

Facilitator For over 20 years, Leanne has been educating children. Most recently as an early years primary school teacher and previously as an educator in family day care, centre based and school-aged care. Leanne is interested in promoting health and well-being and fostering positive interactions through play based learning.  



 Rita Johnston

Facilitator Rita has worked in early childhood education for over 25 years both as a teacher and a trainer and in recent years became a qualified counsellor. She is passionate about the therapeutic value of early childhood settings where children can overcome adversity and grow to their full potential.




Maree Kirkwood

Facilitator Maree is an early childhood teacher with psychology and educational leadership degrees. She has a diversity of experience within the early childhood sector including teaching, consultancy, operational and organisational change management, community engagement, and regulatory compliance. Maree’s interests lie with leadership as a means of supporting children’s learning and wellbeing.


 Sara Richardson

Facilitator Sara worked in early childhood for a long time, she made many connections and enjoyed countless professional conversations and debates. She has been challenged … and challenging, and continue to learn and change. Sara always endeavours to do these things with creativity, commitment and a genuine interest in people and relationships.


Judy Kynaston 

General Manager Judy Kynaston is the General Manager of KidsMatter Early Childhood at Early Childhood Australia. Judy is an early childhood teacher with extensive experience in a variety of early childhood education and care services including the early years of school. Prior to commencing her current role she was involved in providing training to the early childhood education and care sector as well as advocating for children in the development of policy that improves the lives and well-being of young children.


Amelia Joyce

Development Manager By combining a social work and education background with a Master of Digital Media, Amelia has taken her passion for social justice, well-being, storytelling and all things creative online. She is intrigued and inspired by digital media. Especially how it helps us communicate, connect and continue to learn and understand more about each other and the world.


Elsa Perez

Communications Coordinator Elsa is passionate about using digital marketing for engaging communities. She is skilled at discovering and implementing innovative and efficient communication strategies so early childhood communities can engage with KidsMatter, share positive mental health messages and participate in collaborative learning.



Tracey Simpson

Implementation Manager Tracey is an early childhood and community consultant with a wide range of experience over nearly 40 years. Her experience includes that as advocate, teacher, director, child development officer, lecturer, researcher, senior manager and consultant in a range of services, educational settings and locations nationally and internationally.