Time to move from KidsMatter to the new initiative—Be You.

Like KidsMatter, with the Be You Initiative, we offer access to:

  • great evidence-based resources about mental health in early childhood
  • opportunities to participate in professional learning events and 
  • individualised support and guidance from National Consultants.

The cost … your time and internet connection!

So gather your team of early childhood educators with an interest in wellbeing, curriculum design or continuous quality improvement and start in three easy steps. 

Being ready to launch into learning and action is easy

Have a few (or all) of your team do one of the following:

You will need


A few team members to attend the online event.



Let us know you are ready

Create your individual learning account and follow the steps to register your early learning service or school.      

Then you will be ready and set ... to book your spot at a Be You Essentials event to launch the National Education Initiative at your place.

Attend a Launch learning at your place event


Go together - book and attend an event as a team, to launch the Be You whole setting approach at your place.

It's time to start your team's learning and action!