Can my ECEC service participate?

YES! Over 200 early childhood education and care services are now implementing the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework. If you are connected to one of these services access everything you need here

Get started with KidsMatter today!

Getting Started with KidsMatter workshops are hitting locations across Australia! 

Or a Getting Started with KidsMatter webinar can help you get on your KidsMatter way.

Attend one of these to officially begin KidsMatter Early Childhood. You can then access the whole-of-service professional learning and get individualised support from the KidsMatter team throughout the continuous improvement process.

However, there are still ways to access some of the KidsMatter Early Childhood benefits include:

Free resources

All KidsMatter resources are freely available online. Our resources to support children's mental health are designed to be downloaded and printed and can be used in any early childhood education and care service.

How to connect

Our Facebook community offers a chance to access more information and talk about issues relating to children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

You can also sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter or subscribe to the Shared Thinking blog

Introducing KidsMatter to educators and families

These introductory materials explore KidsMatter for educators and families beginning to implement the Framework: