These links can assist with implementing the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework in your service. 
This requires a coordinated approach from service directors, management, staff, and parents and carers and benefits from services nominating a KidsMatter leadership team. They drive and guide your service in assessing strengths, identifying areas for improvement and acting towards goals for each of the four Components.
If you are a participating KidsMatter service there is also support available from a KidsMatter

Online Professional Learning

KidsMatter Early Childhood Professional Learning is designed for staff groups in early childhood services.  The Professional Learning is made up of a combination of videos, group discussions and activities, opportunities for personal reflection, and further resources.  

Keeping connected with the KidsMatter community

Shared Thinking: the blog

Shared Thinking is designed to support Leadership Teams and educators while they implement KidsMatter.
With regular posts from the KidsMatter Early Childhood team and stories from other services you'll find:

  • resources
  • inspiration and ideas from other services
  • answers to your questions.

The comment boards on each post offer a place to discuss your experiences and talk to other people who are involved with KidsMatter.
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Contact your Facilitator

Click on your state or territory to find contact details for your state- or territory-based Facilitator. They are available to you by videoconference, phone and online to work with your service to support implementation.

Available resources

Implementation resource books

KidsMatter Early Childhood: An overview PDF (Available here in Word format [113KB]) explains what you can expect as you implement KidsMatter Early Childhood, including the importance of mental health in early childhood, an explanation of the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework's four Components and a breakdown of the steps that your service will participate in.
KidsMatter Early Childhood: A framework for improving children's mental health and wellbeing contains a guiding framework for the initiative and detailed information about each Component. Further information about each Component can be found in the Component Literature Reviews.
KidsMatter Early Childhood: Tools and guidelines for implementation contains implementation tools such as surveys and planning templates.


See the below links for all the resouces for each Component.
Component 1
Component 2
Component 3
Component 4
Promotional materials
Posters for download: Participating ECEC services can access these five KidsMatter Early Childhood A3- and A4-sized posters for display in their service.
Introductory brochure:This small brochure is available for distribution, to help you explain to families and other members of your community what KidsMatter is all about.
Find many other tools, guides, information sheets and eBooks here.

Information Sheet Index

The index of information sheets will help you navigate our online resources to find information for families and educators covering a range of topics relevant to young children's mental health.

Staff and Families Surveys

Component 1: Creating a sense of community—Staff Survey
Component 1: Creating a sense of community—Family Survey
Component 2: Developing children's social and emotional skills—Staff Survey
Component 2: Developing children's social and emotional skills—Family Survey
Component 3: Working with parents and carers—Staff Survey
Component 3: Working with parents and carers—Family Survey
Component 4: Helping children who are experiencing mental health difficulties—Staff Survey
Component 4: Helping children who are experiencing mental health difficulties—Family Survey

Survey Collation Tools

Survey Collation Tools

Survey collation and Component profile tools are downloadable in excel format to assist you in collating the staff and family responses to KidsMatter surveys.
Component 1 Survey collation and Component profile tool [199KB]
Component 2 Survey collation and Component profile tool [201KB]
Component 3 Survey collation and Component profile tool [197KB]
Component 4 Survey collation and Component profile tool [196KB]

The Database and Programs Guide

KidsMatter Early Childhood Database

Participating ECEC services will be able to access the KidsMatter Early Childhood database to review and update their information and track their progress.

Programs Guide

The Programs Guide outlines a range of programs targeted at children aged from birth to five and their families. This resource helps educators find out more about further training and other programs that are being run in their area.
Programs with special arrangements for KidsMatter services: From time to time programs offer discounts or special arrangements to KidsMatter services. KidsMatter does not endorse these programs and does not prioritise one program over another. KidsMatter encourages services to use the Program Guides to explore the available programs and determine the best choice to meet their needs. Find out more about the latest offers.