Issue 46: 3 ways to find strategies that can turn learning into action

April 2017

The benefits of making KidsMatter visible [...]



Issue 45: 5 ways to enhance your professional development

March 2017

As a service or school, knowing how KidsMatter Early Childhood fits within your place, how much it influences what you do and the changes to practice it has supported is important. [...]



Issue 44: Strategies for encouraging collaboration

February 2017

In collaboration with families and the community, early childhood services are one of the best places to support children’s mental health and wellbeing. [...]




Issue 43: What really matter for mental health

December 2016

Prepare for 2017: learn more about the KidsMatter Early Childhood team, read the most recent article on the Shared Thinking blog and watch the latest webinars [...]



Issue 42: What really matter for mental health

November 2016

This is a story from Canning Vale Pre-kindy WA about connecting with Aboriginal Community and celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day  [...]



Issue 41: How do you talk about mental health and KidsMatter within your ECECservice community?

October 2016

Find out all the new KidsMatter Early Childhood resources  [...]






Issue 40: Risk and protective factors in early childhood

September 2016

Take the opportunity to explore what educators can do after identifying concerns for a child’s mental health or well-being.  [...]



Issue 39: Keeping your KidsMatter progress on track

August 2016

The Framework Implementation Tool provides a structure that can help you and your colleagues reflect on, keep track of and rate your KidsMatter Professional Learning progress [...]







Issue 38: Essential KidsMatter tools for growing healthy minds

June 2016

Reconciliation Australia Co-Chair, Dr. Tom Calma AO, says Reconciliation ‘is something we should all be proud of and work hard to achieve’, and we agree. [...]


Issue 37: Finding 'Our History, our story, our future'... together

May 2016

Reconciliation Australia Co-Chair, Dr. Tom Calma AO, says Reconciliation ‘is something we should all be proud of and work hard to achieve’, and we agree. [...]


Issue 36: Create a welcoming environment in your service or school

April 2016

Building a protective circle around children is most effective when you engage your whole community and in particular families.  It starts by acknowledging that each member of a community has something to offer [...]



Issue 35: Keep your implementation going with KidsMatter resources and tools

March 2016

Promote mental health and wellbeing in your early childhood service or setting [...]



Issue 34: Let's start planning, doing and reviewing

February 2016

Videoconferencing and implementation support now go hand in hand. The team have pulled together a few tips (with audio and pictures) to make the process of getting and staying connected with KidsMatter easy. [...]

Issue 33: Growing healthy minds in the online world.

December 2015

Videoconferencing and implementation support now go hand in hand. The team have pulled together a few tips (with audio and pictures) to make the process of getting and staying connected with KidsMatter easy. [...]

Issue 32: Growing healthy minds in the online world.

November 2015

On the website you will find ways to tour our online resources, explore the professional learning topics, catch a webinar, contact a team member or participate in the social, reflective spaces available to our online collaborative learning community.[...]

Issue 31: Celebrate children, care for educators and connect the community to support mental health.

October 2015

Exclusive to official KidsMatter Early Childhood participants ... Conversations with KidsMatter are interactive video conferences for small groups of educators.

Register to have the opportunity to get great information, share your experiences and knowledge, or ask questions about implementing the KidsMatter Framework in your place.[...]

Issue 30: Strategies for talking about mental health and wellbeing in your community.

September 2015

A webinar about developing a shared language of mental health in our communities

  • How do we talk and think about mental health?
  • When do we use the words ‘mental health’?
  • What do we all mean when we say early childhood mental health? [...]

Issue 29: Grab the opportunity and jump into our new KidsMatter resources and events!

August 2015

We are planning a series of videoconferencing events available exclusively to official participating KidsMatter Early Childhood services or schools. Spaces at each event will be limited to provide plenty of opportunity for those attending to interact and engage. [...]


Issue 28: Get your entire community involved with KidsMatter

July 2015

This monthly newsletter is especially for educators, families and community members participating in the KidsMatter Early Childhood initiative.

Get others connected with Planning―Doing―Reviewing today! [...]

Issue 27: Taking Reconciliation beyond Reconciliation Week

June 2015

The KidsMatter Ways resources can support the ongoing process of embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing in your place.

Contact your KidsMatter Facilitator to discuss making important mental health and wellbeing messages more accessible to everyone  [...]

Issue 26: Understanding, learning & achieving with KidsMatter

May 2015

Early childhood mental health involves a young child’s ability to experience, regulate and express emotions; form close and secure relationships; and explore the environment and learn.

Some children are at greater risk of developing mental health difficulties and early identification and intervention is important. It can help prevent problems from becoming worse and improve mental health outcomes for all children [...]

Issue 25: Young children thrive when adults commit to learning & taking care of each other. 

April 2015

Did you make it to the last KidsMatter Early Childhood webinar about the benefits and ways of supporting the little transitions in a young child's life? If you didn't, or simply want to recapture the moment, the recording and written resources are now available! [...]


Issue 24: How early childhood communities can learn and support mental health and wellbeing together

March 2015

Our Shared Thinking blog engages people in the process of learning, reflecting and sharing about their KidsMatter experiences. Find out ways to use the blog, easily access the information you want and contribute to the content we publish on Shared Thinking.

Alongside what we publish on our blog, we have many other resources on the KidsMatter website and our social media platforms. Take a virtual tour to discover just what is out there! [...]

Issue 23: Launch into 2015!

February 2015

Everything changes ... including leadership teams. But even if the experience is hard and unsettling, there can be great outcomes. This guide provides details for how every leadership team can survive and grow with change [...]


Issue 22: Strategies for end year processes, new year directions and any change that happens along the way

December 2014

Whether you are on holidays or working this time of year has a different pace.  This could be an ideal time to connect with what you and others are ‘doing’ with KidsMatter.

If you are commencing, continuing or reconnecting with KidsMatter–you matter and have interesting, unique and valuable KidsMatter stories [...]

Issue 21: Ways to meet, greet  and engage that build relationships, aid learning and support wellbeing

November 2014

Lately we’ve been thinking lots about networking; why it is so important and all the different ways it can happen. And we've identified the 1 essential consideration to make networking a success ... Find out what it is! [...]

Issue 20: KidsMatter helps prioritise messages from 2 weeks in October-all year

October 2014

National Mental Health Week and Children’s Week both fall in October and they are especially significant to KidsMatter Early Childhood―because they privilege children, mental health and all we do to support them.   [...]

Issue 19: Supporting children's mental health now and into the future

September 2014

KidsMatter Early Childhood is happy to announce the continuation of funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and beyond blue for another year (until June 2015). This allows the team to continue providing evidence-based resources and guidance to early childhood education and care settings committed to supporting the wellbeing of children.  [...]



Issue 18: Yarning a tool for connecting, reflecting and learning

August 2014

Reflective practice ... Are you sometimes stuck for a topic, or feeling like you are repeatedly having the same conversations with your colleagues?

Check out these options for mixing things up with the KidsMatter Yarning Up podcasts  [...]

Issue 17: Make important mental health and wellbeing messages accessible to all

July 2014

These new KidsMatter resources will assist you in developing ways to focus on mental health and wellbeing in your own unique contexts.

From our commitment to bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways of doing to KidsMatter Early Childhood we developed the KidsMatter ways resources. [...]

Issue 16: KidsMatter momentum for wellbeing and sollaborative learning

June 2014

Identifying the connections between the four KidsMatter components supports your whole service's engagement with KidsMatter.

It can also result in even greater outcomes to the mental health and wellbeing of all children, families and educators.

Here are 5 ways the KidsMatter components connect. [...]

Issue 15: Supporting workforce and community benefits children's mental health 

May 2014

When teams feel supported, they are better able to support children and families.

Read how using the four components of the KidsMatter Framework can provide a structured approach for services and individuals to support their team. Another option to support, sustain and inspire team members is to help them find a mentor!  [...]

Issue 14: Theory and practice show the science behind the art of implementation 

April 2014

Enhance your KidsMatter experience by considering the science behind implementation. The field of Implementation science highlights four essential elements needed to successfully implement change [...]


Issue 13: Explore the many spaces and places where KidsMatter is making a difference.

March 2014

So, your early childhood education and care service is school-based? Your school might be involved in KidsMatter Primary too … or it might not. Either way, KidsMatter Early Childhood has a place. Explore how KidsMatter Early Childhood can benefit the whole school community: the families, educators, school staff and children of all ages [...]


Issue 12: From professional learning to team building and policy making, this month's issue is about making change together 

February 2014

Want to know how other people are going with the Component 2 Online Professional Learning? So did we!

We asked five educators from five different states and territories to tell us all about their experiences—the learning and changes, and the hiccups, successes and surprises. [...]

Issue 11: The new year is a time of big changes

January 2014

What would you see, hear, or feel if you walked into your ECEC service for the first time? Would you feel welcome? By encouraging you to use the eyes and ears of a new child, parent, health professional or visitor to experience your space, the latest Shared Thinking post will help you identify ways you can create a welcoming environment. [...]


Issue 10: The end of the year can bring special challenges, but also grat opportunities to support relationships

December 2013

Are you making the most of everyday moments? ECEC educators are experts in developing relationships with children and families, but there might be even more opportunities throughout the day to connect on a deeper level. Have a look at these Tips for maximising relationship development. [...]


Issue 9: This month's issue looks at resilience, wellbeing and confidence in the ECEC workplace

November 2013

Stress? Burnout? Or growth, positivity and the ability to bounce back? The way you and your colleagues respond to the challenges of working in an early childhood education and care service will depend on your professional resilience. So how do you foster resilience in your service? This Shared Thinking post looks at ways you can boost your own and how to support the resilience of the other adults around you.  [...]


Issue 8: This month we're looking at philosophies, frameworks and action plans, the foundations of your practice

October 2013

Over time, with changes in staff, developments in the sector, and following professional learning experiences, there will be significant changes made to the day-to-day practice in your ECEC service. But does your service philosophy reflect the way you are doing things now? Your service philosophy should express the identity and core values of your service, and become the cornerstone of your practice. If it's not, it might be time to revisit your Statement of Philosophy as a team  [...]

Issue 7: How can you get the most out of your reflective discussions and your relationship with your Facilitator?

September 2013

Making time to have structured group discussions with your team is a key part of KidsMatter. As you head into Component 2: Developing children's social and emotional skills, your Leadership Team may be aiming to feel more confident running these discussions, and better able to create a constructive and productive environment that involves your whole team.  This month's two-part post on Shared Thinking, the KidsMatter blog, is a practical and useful guide to leading group discussions.  [...]

Issue 6: This month's issue es all about the new Online Professional Learning for component 2 

August 2013

You can now access Online Professional Learning about Component 2 of the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework: Developing children's social and emotional skills.

Social and emotional competence protects children against mental health difficulties and is critical for their wellbeing. [...]

Issue 5: This month's issue looks at finding a force for change: community, energy and inspiration 

July 2013

At the heart of the KidsMatter Framework is engaging the ECEC community: recognising that there are multiple influences on children's wellbeing, and finding ways to connect with those key people, encourage their support and enable their participation. It's easy to say. But how do you do it?  [...]

Issue 4: This month we look closely at your ECEC service culture, What is it like now? How can it be improved?

June 2013

Every early childhood education and care service has its own culture. That culture will affect different aspects of the service every day: how people feel in the setting, how they relate to one another, how they approach problems and try to solve them, which polices and procedures are used and how they are implemented in practice.  [...]


Issue 3: What does it mean to be a leader in your early childhood community? 

May 2013

What does your ECEC team expect from a leader? How will you nurture your leadership and help it grow? How will you bring together your team and community to lead the implementation of KidsMatter in your service?

The latest Shared Thinking post looks at what a leader is, and explores what your KidsMatter Leadership Team can do to make sure you're connecting with the rest of your ECEC service.  [...]

Issue 2: Supporting workforce and community benefits children's mental health 

April 2013

What does your ECEC team expect from a leader? How will you nurture your leadership and help it grow? How will you bring together your team and community to lead the implementation of KidsMatter in your service?

The latest Shared Thinking post looks at what a leader is, and explores what your KidsMatter Leadership Team can do to make sure you're connecting with the rest of your ECEC service.  [...]

Issue 1: KidsMatter Early Childhood's implementation update

March 2013

It's been a while since you heard from us, but KidsMatter Early Childhood has been quietly working away with many of you to begin a new phase of implementation. More than 130 new services are in the process of beginning their journey with KidsMatter. Flinders University has also released some great news about the pilot: a research team has published an Evaluation report showing that KidsMatter has a significant and positive impact on ECEC services. You can read more about the Evaluation on our website.  [...]