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14 December 2016


KidsMatter has a guide especially for educators wanting to gather information about PHNs, referral processes for Better Access and details of what they can do too.

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) coordinate and deliver health services for children and their families. Each PHN operates differently in order to be responsive to community needs. PHNs aim to better link and coordinate primary care services for the community, such as services by GPs, community nurses, community pharmacists and allied health professionals.

Better Access is a government initiative that allows people to access psychological support under Medicare.

Educators can play an important role in the success of both PHNs and the Better Access initiative for families too. When educators have trusting relationships with families, they are a key source of support and information for families who may be concerned about their child.  Learn more about PHNs and referral processes for Better Access and share the details with families you know.