Issue 18: Yarn, learn and be inspired

February 2017

We are committed to bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways to KidsMatter Early Childhood. [...]


Issue 17: Wishing you, your families, friends and community the best end to 2016 and a great start to 2017

December 2016

5 essential articles for holiday and new year wellbeing[...]


Issue 16: Be brilliant at building health and community partnerships

September 2016

Successful strategies for supporting children, families and educators [...]


Issue 15: Promote mental health and wellbeing at your service

April 2016

How do we keep a focus on mental health and wellbeing?

With competing demands on your time and energy, keeping a focus on mental health and wellbeing might seem like a difficult task[...]

Issue 14: Outstanding services start with healthy minds

January 2016

Experiences in the early years affect long-term mental health, relationships and learning. In 2016 begin―or continue―your KidsMatter mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention plans[...]

Issue 13: End of year update

December 2015

As 2015 draws to a close and we prepare to welcome 2016 the KidsMatter Team would like to thank the members of our community for sharing our commitment to Growing Healthy Minds.[...]

Issue 12: Support mental health in your service or school: Get started with KidsMatter

July 2015

Getting Started with KidsMatter workshops are about to hit locations across Australia! 

Or a Getting Started with KidsMatter webinar can help you get on your KidsMatter way.

Attend a workshop or webinar to officially begin KidsMatter Early Childhood.

You can then access the whole-of-service professional learning and get individualised support from the KidsMatter team throughout the continuos improvement process. [...]

Issue 11: Great news for the KidsMatter Community!

April 2015

Early childhood is a critical period of development that influences lifelong outcomes. It was very encouraging to see this recognised in the Report of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services

KidsMatter Early Childhood plays a key role in meeting the strategic direction to Promote the wellbeing and mental health of the Australian community [...]

Issue 10: Happy end to 2014 followed by great times in 2015

December 2015

Celebrating Christmas... or not?

In Australia the end of the calendar year marks the educational year's end. It brings many moments to review, reminisce, celebrate and reflect about the previous year (or years).
An inclusive holiday season means finding out what's important for families and celebrating those things in ways that strengthen relationships [...]

Issue 9: Finding KidsMatter messages everywhere

October 2014

Connections is a new resource that reinforces the same key messages as KidsMatter Early Childhood. It can be used as a tool to complement the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework. 

It complements KidsMatter through providing fact sheets, reflective questions, case studies and links to the National Quality Standard (NQS), Belonging, Being and Becoming–The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and My Time, Our Place–Framework for School Age Care in Australia [...]

Issue 8: New resources and ways for sharing important messages about mental health

July 2014

There are many ways of embedding KidsMatter principles and processes into the day-to-day. These new KidsMatter resources offer ideas about how this can be done.

The KidsMatter Ways make important mental health and wellbeing messages more accessible to everyone and bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways of doing to KidsMatter Early Childhood [...]

Issue 7: Theories, strategies and practicalities to support mental health

April 2014

How to be involved in KidsMatter

Over 250 early childhood education and care (ECEC) services are now participating in the KidsMatter Early Childhood Initiative.

There are KidsMatter resources available to everyone; educators, families, health and community professionals, ECEC services, even entire communities. [...]

Issue 6: New year, new faces: new opportunities to recommit to children's mental health

January 2014

Connecting with families elearning is now available for early childhood educators, teachers and other professionals. It offers ideas and strategies for starting conversations, having open discussions and developing real connections with families. Health and community professionals may also find the resource useful in their work with ECEC services and schools.

Issue 5: Wishing you and your families a happy end of year and a mentally healthy 2014!

December 2013

We're usually located all over the country, but recently the whole ECA KidsMatter team got together. We took the opportunity to celebrate successes and plan new goals for the coming year. This post on Shared Thinking looks at how you can do the same. [...]

Issue 4: Starting School Resources

October 2013

Starting school is a process that starts well before the first day of term. Research suggests that while many children make a smooth transition to primary school, about one in seven can experience difficulties. Children might feel anxious when separating from their families, or they might be reluctant to go to school in the mornings. [...]

Issue 3: Online Professional Learning Launched

July 2013

You can now access Online Professional Learning about children's social and emotional learning and development, Component 2 of the KidsMatter Early Childhood Framework. This self-paced, seven-module professional learning offers videos and other materials to help your team extend their knowledge and reflect on practice in relation to developing children's social and emotional skills.[...]

Issue 2: AEDI shows need for more wellbeing support

April 2013

As with any new role, fathers want to be ‘good dads’ and to have a strong and connected relationship with their child—but sometimes might feel unsure of how to begin. Children experience greater wellbeing when their fathers are involved with their lives, and dads who spend more time with their children report feeling more confidence in their role as a parent. [...]

Issue 1: What's new?

February 2013

Welcome to the new KidsMatter Early Childhood eNewsletter! You're receiving this issue this because you previously expressed interest in KidsMatter by signing up for updates. It's been a while since you heard from us, but this year we will be in touch regularly, with a quarterly update [...]