These KidsMatter Professional Learning topics focus on how early childhood educators can work in partnership with parents and carers in ways that support children’s mental health and wellbeing. Benefits of working together include:

  • different perspectives being acknowledged and valued
  • a sense of trust, respect and deeper understanding of the child and each other is enhanced
  • positive relationships and a sense of community are strengthened
  • opportunities for sharing information, knowledge and decision-making are created
  • everyone feels supported and connected

Find information, videos, discussion points and activities to aid this process in these topic resources below.  

A culture of partnership

Partnerships help us gain a deeper understanding of the most effective ways to support children.

In effective partnerships:

  • each person’s unique perspectives and contributions are valued and acknowledged
  • decision-making is shared
  • educators and families communicate openly and share their ideas, knowledge and expertise. 

Support for parenting

Providing parenting information and support can enhance relationships, build parent and carers’ confidence and increase their knowledge of child development. This then supports the mental health and wellbeing of children. 


Effective communication helps to develop respectful relationships by building shared understanding and trust between parents and educators. This can assist when the need for difficult conversations arise.

Connecting families together

Family connections are a source of support for families. The ways early childhood services provide opportunities for families to connect with other families can increase families’ sense of belonging and the sense of community.