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  • Parents/Carers


  • Component 2 : Social and emotional learning for students
  • Component 3 : Working with parents and carers
  • Component 4 : Helping children with mental health difficulties


  • Emotional and Behavioural difficulties
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Parenting education
  • Internalising and externalising


A universal, selective, targeted, prevention and early intervention program.

An education program designed for parents and carers with a preschool aged child (4-5 years).

Delivery By: 

  • Early childhood educators and staff
  • Allied health professionals
  • Other


Tuning in to Kids aims to:

  • Promote the development of emotional competence and prevent behaviour difficulties in young children.
  • Improve parents’ own emotional competence as well as teaching them the emotion coaching skills that help children learn to understand and regulate their emotions.

State/s Available: 

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia


The program teaches skills like:

  • Understanding children’s emotional experience;
  • Identifying and labelling emotions for children;
  • Anxiety and problem solving;
  • Emotion coaching children’s behaviour and emotions;
  • Emotionally intelligent parenting;
  • Self-care when emotion coaching; and
  • Relaxation strategies to use when managing intense emotions.


Program Structure / Methods of Delivery: 

Program Structure

  • 6 x 2 hour group sessions (8-12 participants), conducted weekly.
  • 2 x 2 hour group booster sessions, held a 2-monthly intervals.
  • Provision for longer (e.g. 2.5 hours) or more (e.g. 8) sessions if required.
  • TIK can also be delivered to parents and carers on a one-to-one basis.

Methods of Delivery

  • Psycho-education and group discussion;
  • Role play and practice exercises;
  • Demonstrations and modelling and Information sheets.


Program costs include photocopying or printing of parent handouts, venue hire and refreshments.


Manuals can also be purchased seperately, for $175 including GST. Manual can be posted within Australia for $15. Purchase of a manual does not  provide certification as a Tuning in to Kids facilitator.

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Professional Learning: 

  • Professional Learning Available

Professional Learning Compulsory: 


Formal Parent/Carer Component Provided: 

Evidence of Effectiveness

Evidence of Effectiveness Rating: 


Evidence of Effectiveness Description: 

Research Based Evidence

  • Multiple randomised controlled trials undertaken. Maintenance of improvements observed post training. Generalisation of outcomes to children with clinical levels of behaviour difficulties.
  • Program appears to be beneficial as prevention and early intervention program for preschoolers with externalising and/or internalising difficulties.
  • Reductions in the number of children experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties.
  • Improvement in parents’ knowledge, teaching and coaching of children’s emotions.
  • Improvement in general parenting practices (e.g. discipline), confidence and feelings of satisfaction towards the parenting role.

Practice Based Evidence

  • None available at this time

Identified Theoretical Framework: 


Identified Theoretical Framework Description: 

Based on the theory about the role of parent emotion socialization practice in shaping children’s emotional and behavioural competence. Draws on aspects of social learning theory, attachment theory, mindfulness and emotion coaching.

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Dr Sophie Havighurst and Ms Ann Harley

About the Author(s): 

Dr Sophie Havighurst (B.A Hons., Dip. Clin. Psych., PhD.) is a child clinical psychologist and Senior Lecturer at Mindful, Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health at the University of Melbourne. She teaches child and adolescent mental health practitioners across Victoria, and also works as a clinical psychologist in private practice and at the Children's Court. She is the Principal Investigator on the Tuning in to Kids research program. 

Ms Ann Harley (Dip Teach, B.A. Grad Dip Ed) is the taining manager for the Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teen programs at Mindful, Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Heath at the University of Melobourne and a private parent consultant and educator. She has a background in teaching, social research and counselling, and over 30 years of expereince experience in parent education working with parents in a variety of settings, which has informed her work on the Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens parenting programs. She has delivered parent sessions and workshops to a wide range of parents and professionals, including those form culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Since 2008, she has delivered facilitator training throughout Australia, as well as the U.S. and the U.K.




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Nicholas Wright

Adminstrator, Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens
Building C, 50 Felmington Street, Travancore VIC 3032
Phone: 03 9371 0214; 0412 263 769


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