Most people will experience mental health difficulties at some point in their life, including children.

It’s normal to go through a period of difficulty and then improve. Sometimes mental health difficulties in children can be ongoing and interfere with many aspects of their life.

Mental health difficulties can lead to enormous stress. Professional help may assist families and children learn to manage or work through problems that will lessen the stress.

The earlier in life that difficulties are addressed, the better chance a child has at improving their long-term mental health and wellbeing.

More about difficult times and childhood trauma

Children will experience events in their lives that affect them emotionally and physically. Reactions to these events are usually brief and children recover without further difficulties.

There are times when children experience a series of events that make them feel helpless and pushed beyond their ability to cope. This can lead to childhood trauma.

Trauma affects children differently depending on their age, personality and past experiences.

What happens when times get tough?

How can trauma be managed and how do you recover?

What can families and staff do to help children who have experienced trauma?

Where can families and staff go to find out more information?