Glenda Grummet is Victoria's facilitator

Contact Glenda to have a chat about what KidsMatter Early Childhood is doing in Victoria. Glenda also enjoys reflecting with others about early childhood, mental health and ways of making the most of the KidsMatter resources. 

Glenda recommends resources for Victoria

Yarning Up 

KidsMatter now have 8 series of podcasts that capture voices across Australia yarning about all things early childhood, mental health, education, Culture and community.

I enjoyed listening to Series 7, especially episode 1, The KidsMatter Lens and episode 3, First Impressions ... Inclusivity

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KidsMatter Ways action charts

These action charts are another new addition to the many great KidsMatter resources. One of my favourites is:

Good mental health is part of growing up strong action chart and We are all part of a mental health support team

There are more action charts ... let me know what ones you are using.

What's worth checking out on Shared Thinking

How do you plan, do review? is a great way for the team to discuss the ways things get done in your space.

Or ...

To deepen your understanding of how the elements of KidsMatter connect and keep a focus on mental health and wellbeing read Four KidsMatter Components keep a focus on mental health.

Educators and families in Victoria are making the most of this KidsMatter information too:

Understanding mental health early childhood