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Building resilience in children, Issue 29 February 2018

Talking about resilience with Professor Michael Gordon

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander animations: resilience

Empowering kids to manage change and transition


The importance of belonging, Issue 28 November 2017

Belonging in the family: Building strong family relationships

Belonging and inclusion in school

Cultural diversity and belonging


Helping children manage emotions, Issue 27 September 2017

Understanding children's emotional development

Families involvement in support children's emotions

How parents and carers can help children to manage their emotions

Interview with psychologist Maria Ruberto


Working together with educators to support children's mental health, Issue 26 July 2017

Working together in a collaborative partnership

Ways to get involved and make connections with your child's educators

Communicating effectively with your child's educators

Seeking help together for your child's mental health difficulties


The importance of families, Issue 25, May 2017

Active listening: Communication with children

Assisting children to prepare for disasters and tragic events

Supporting children of parents with a mental illness


Supporting children's positive mental health, Issue 24, March 2017

Talking about strengths-based parenting with Lea Waters

Understanding how a child’s temperament affects behaviour

Constructively responding to bullying

Supporting children to return to school, Issue 23, January 2017

Supporting children wtih additional needs to manage school transition

Interview: Supporting the transition to high school

Back to school with ABC Radio and ABC Online

Resources to support children to return to school


Managing stress and difficult times, Issue 22, December 2016

Keeping kids safe online over the holidays

Supporting separated families during festivities

Preparing for disaster

Parents looking after themselves


Supporting children to develop healthy relationships, Issue 21, October 2016

Fostering healthy family relationships

Healthy relationships between families and schools or services

Supporting children to build healthy friendships

Resources to support healthy relationships


Helping children manage transition and change: Issue 20, August 2016

How children manage change differently

Empowering children to manage change and transition

Managing separating families

Managing changes in friendships


Promoting positive mental health: Issue 19, June 2016

Six ways to support positive mental health in children

Play helps children feel good about themselves

Why belonging matters

Looking after yourself: positive mental health for parents and carers


Supporting children with anxiety: Issue 18, May 2016

Anxiety and mental health in children

Eight ways to help children with anxiety

Understanding anxiety disorders and the help available

Five ways to help children learn coping skills


Promoting confidence, learning and decision-making skills: Issue 17, March 2016

Three ways to help children become more confident 

Be a coach and support your child's learning

Five tips to help children develop decision-making skills 

Why does motivation matter? 


Ready, set, go! Getting ready for school: Issue 16, January 2016

Practical tips for planning and preparing for school 

Three ways to help children cope with starting school

Getting help with starting school 

Understanding school refusal 


Supporting children's social and emotional learning: Issue 15, October 2015

What is social and emotional learning? 

Six ways to help children develop friendship skills

Talking through angry feelings 

Mindfulness for children and parents 


Fostering resilience in your child: Issue 14, August 2015

Resilience is an essential skill for life

Optimism in the face of adversity

How to foster resilience in everyday life

Fostering resilience in Aboriginal children


Helping you help your kids: Issue 13, March 2015

Helping parents nurture children's mental health and wellbeing

Your little ones are your greatest teachers when it comes to mindfulness

Caring for your kids means caring for yourself

Five ways to address racism


Making a smooth start to school: Issue 12, January 2015

How to prepare for big school

Activity books to use with kids

Decode their tricky behaviour

How to handle a bumpy start


Helping kids sleep: Issue 11, October 2014

Sleep and kids' mental health

How screen time affects rest

Dealing with bedtime worries and nightmares

Sleep strategies for the whole family

Coping with family breakups: Issue 10, May 2014

Talking to kids about changes to family structure

Developing a plan for co-parenting

Building blended families

Helping children adjust to separation


Helping families learn about cybersafety: Issue 9, March 2014

Kids online: The statistics

Helping kids create positive change

Keeping children safe online

What to do about cyberbullying


Getting ready for the first day of school: Issue 8, January 2014

Tracey Spicer’s top tips for families

Your guide to starting school

Surviving the first day of school

Helping your child to settle in


Preparing kids for starting school: Issue 7, October 2013

Introducing KidsMatter ambassador Tracey Spicer

Making a positive start to school

Helping your child to cope

What to do before school starts


Nurturing independent kids: Issue 6, September 2013

Helping kids choose wisely

Top tips for independent learning

Strategies for screen time

Tips to build their confidence


Managing children's ups and downs: Issue 5, August 2013

Why resilience matters

How to build your child's resilience

Top five tips to help your children cope

Kids learn from what you do


Helping children manage emotions: Issue 4, July 2013

Helping children manage feelings

Teaching children about anger

Learning to conquer fears and worries

How thinking affects feelings


Why belonging is important: Issue 3, June 2013

The need to belong

Learning to accept difference

Creating a positive community

Belonging begins at home


How to strengthen family relationships: Issue 2, May 2013

Building better family relationships

Helping children cope with a family break-up

Encouraging dads to connect

Parents and carers matter too

How to help your child make friends: Issue 1, April 2013

Teaching children better friendship skills

Bouncing back from rejection

Encouraging children to get along

Helping children resolve conflict