Are you concerned about the health and wellbeing of your child as they start or return to school this year? How do you make sure they are ready for everything the world throws at them?

Over the next few weeks the ABC is hoping to be able to help families and children with just some of those questions. To coincide with the return of school, the ABC has launched a special project – on air and online – to help families, kids and teachers all get back to school in 2017.

Between January 23 and February 12 you’ll be able to hear, watch, read and share a wide range of stories from ABC Local Radio, ABC RN, Classic FM, ABC Me and ABC News Digital.

Mindfulness is an increasingly important topic for many parents and kids today, so listen out for a special series of guided meditations (in partnership with Smiling Mind) which the ABC will be playing across a number of their radio networks, and online. The aim of these guided meditations is to promote relaxation and take away some of the stress experienced by everyone at this time of the year.

Stations such as ABC Radio Sydney, ABC Radio Perth and ABC Radio Darwin will also play a special series of audio recordings dealing with everything from managing parent / teacher relationships to promoting resilience and encouraging healthy sleep habits.

ABC RN’s Life Matters will cover some of the issues that can make a return to school a little more challenging; like how kids and families manage chronic health conditions.

Other themes ABC Local Radio stations will look at over the course of the next three weeks include:

  • Starting school
  • What goes in to the perfect lunch box
  • The introduction of coding classes in schools
  • What ‘back to school’ looks like at a Children’s Hospital
  • The economics of the modern-day tuck shop

Kids themselves will also have a chance to share their experiences. ABC Me have launched a 'Hack to School' campaign asking children to contribute their best school hack and tip via video. The winner will have the ABC Me presenters come to their school for a day.

If you would like to follow the content, the hashtag #backtoschoolabc will be used for all related ABC social media, like Facebook videos, ABC Radio Melbourne discussions, a feature article from ABC RN or a tweet from ABC Radio Perth.