Families play the most important role in helping children to understand and manage emotions, develop resilience and foster positive relationships.  Watching children grow and helping them to develop these skills is one of the great joys of parenthood.  But it can also provide challenges and lead to lost sleep along the way for many parents!

KidsMatter recognises that parents need help to support and nurture the mental health and wellbeing of their children, and has developed a set of Family Information Sheets to provide a starting point for families to gather information and help navigate through those challenges.

These information sheets have been written by professionals experienced in the areas of children’s mental health and wellbeing.  They are easy to read, contain lots of helpful strategies and tips to help parents support and foster their children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Evidence shows that fostering positive mental health from infancy through strong family relationships and support has a positive effect on children’s mental health.  As so, KidsMatter has ensured that the information contained in these sheets is relevant for infants, pre-school children as well as primary school-age children.

There is a broad range of topics covered in the Information Sheets that are important for nurturing positive mental health from infancy through to adolescence. Some of the areas covered include:

If there is an area of children’s mental health and wellbeing that you would like help with, please visit Mental Health Matters.