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10 November 2016

A recent ASG (Australian Scholarships Group) research project found that 62% of Australian parents feel their child spends too much time on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The report, called “Parents Report Card 2016 – Australian parents’ perceptions of the state of education”, surveyed 3000 Australian parents, grandparents and guardians to measure the capacity of the current education environment to meet children’s needs from a parent’s perspective.

It found that 55% of parents struggle to limit screen time and 35% of parents are unaware of what their child is viewing online.

Dr Lyn O’Grady, KidsMatter’s National Project Manager at the Australian Psychological Society says, “Whilst there are some great benefits to children interacting with technology, screen time can also be a real issue for families. If families don’t monitor their child’s on-screen activity, there is the real risk of cyberbullying or exposure to inappropriate content”. KidsMatter provides families with information to support children’s positive mental health and wellbeing across a variety of areas including helping families to manage screen time.