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10 November 2016

A recent ASG (Australian Scholarships Group) research project found that 93% of parents surveyed felt their child aims to do well at school.

The report, called “Parents Report Card 2016 – Australian parents’ perceptions of the state of education”, surveyed 3000 Australian parents, grandparents and guardians to measure the capacity of the current education environment to meet children’s needs from a parent’s perspective.

It found that 96% of parents think their child feels pride when they learn something new, and 98% of parents feel their child is happy when they succeed at a test or project.

Dr Lyn O’Grady, KidsMatter’s National Project Manager at the Australian Psychological Society says, “The role families play in motivating their children to succeed in education is critical. Praise effort and persistence, not intelligence or results, as it gives children a methodology they can apply to future learning opportunities.  Support your child to problem-solve and help them to see failure as an opportunity to learn.” KidsMatter has developed a series of information sheets to support families to motivate and praise children to build confidence at school.

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