This material is also available in PDF format: Effective communication: Resources for families and staff [2MB] pdf

The Raising Children Network, funded under the Australian Government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy, is a national website aimed at helping families care for their children. Articles on a range of issues relevant to children’s development are available at Information about staff communicating with parents and carers is available at:

Keyser, J. (2006). From parents to partners: Building a family-centred early childhood program. Washington: The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The author writes about the rationale and importance of partnerships between families and early childhood staff and offers ideas about how this can happen. She stresses the need for effective communication to enhance family-staff collaboration, providing tips to facilitate communication and suggestions to overcome the challenges to communication.

Stonehouse, A (2001). The heart of partnership in family day care – Carer-parent Communication. Melbourne: Centre for Community Child Health.

This is a booklet that has been designed for those working in family day care but has useful information for all involved in early childhood services. It highlights the importance of communication and will assist reflection on developing good communication.