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Although each Action Plan is unique to the setting and tailored to the needs of the children that attend the centre or preschool, the plan will sequentially build on the four key areas over the life of the project. The plan will include strategies to promote mental health, prevent and/or intervene early with mental health difficulties, such as suggesting ways to:

  • implement practices that provide a stable, nurturing and protective environment that encourages good mental health
  • support children to develop social and emotional skills and provide opportunities for children to practice these
  • enhance staff knowledge of child development and capacity to distinguish between normal childhood development and possible mental health difficulties
  • provide information to parents and carers about normal childhood development and possible mental health difficulties, how to recognise these and where to seek help when necessary
  • develop protocols to assist staff to recognise children who may be experiencing early signs of mental health difficulties and assist them and their families
  • identify appropriate referral agencies that are able to support children with mental health difficulties and developing policies and procedures for ensuring timely and appropriate referral.