Health and community professionals can use the KidsMatter Aboriginal animations and accompanying resources in different ways.

How you use these animations and resources will depend on:

  • your knowledge of Aboriginal people, culture and history and understanding of what social and emotional wellbeing means to Aboriginal families and communities

  • the relationship you or your service has with Aboriginal families and communities in your area

  • how you or your service currently supports the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal children

Here are three key tips on how to use these animations and resources in a culturally safe way:

1. Read the safety statement

Before using these animations, you should read the safety statement as these animations may trigger difficult emotions for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal viewers.

It is important to understand that these animations may trigger feelings and other reactions in viewers and these reactions will vary from person to person, depending on their culture, background and context.

2.  Work out how and why you want to use these animations

It’s important to work out what your purpose is for using the animations – in other words what do you want to achieve?

For example, if you have little experience working with Aboriginal children and families you may want to use these animations as a professional learning tool to help your staff increase their understanding of Aboriginal children’s social and emotional wellbeing

3. Be safe and seek guidance

It is always important to err on the side of caution when using these animations.

While you may have knowledge about, and experience of, working with Aboriginal people, it is still important to ensure you use the animations in a culturally safe way.

It is advised that you seek guidance from an Aboriginal person in your area, for example an Aboriginal community worker, health worker or liaison officer, as you use these films in your practice or seek guidance from them on how to repair relationships if necessary.

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