We are delighted to have launched our enewsletter especially for families. Published monthly, it will cover a range of issues commonly faced by parents and carers when it comes to raising children. 

The enewsletter will also connect readers to a range of KidsMatter information sheets – as well as other credible external resources – to assist families, relatives and friends support the mental health and wellbeing of children.

This month, we look at how families can build children’s friendship skills for life-long social and emotional competency, specifically: 

On this website - specifically for health and community professionals - you will find a raft of information sheets written by mental health experts for families. Resources are engaging, accessible and evidence-based, so you can trust in their quality.  

Those working closely with children and families might like to use the KidsMatter information sheets in their daily practice, refer resources on to others, and even encourage parents and carers to subscribe to our families enewsletter.