What does a partnership with KidsMatter look like? Well, for school students it can translate to reduced stress and anxiety, increased coping skills, better self-esteem and improved focus. 

Recently KidsMatter joined forces with Smiling Mind, a free program that helps develop Mindfulness Meditation skills in children. Together, we believe that promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools is vital to developing future generations of well-adjusted adolescents and adults.

On its own, Mindfulness Meditation can have myriad benefits. But when delivered as part of a whole-school initiative like KidsMatter, it can have a lifelong impact.  

When KidsMatter Primary school, Ferncourt Public in Sydney, noticed their students needed help with daily transitions and general anxieties, they signed up to the free Smiling Mind Education Program, which provides sessions for individuals and groups of students.

“We could see immediately that Smiling Mind not only supported the core values of KidsMatter Primary, but also facilitated a gentle and practical approach to meditation and relaxation,” said Ferncourt Public School teacher, Ariana Davis.

“The Smiling Mind program complements the work Ferncourt Public School is doing throughout the implementation of KidsMatter Primary. Giving students the tools of mindfulness is enabling [them] to cope better with day-to-day issues and is assisting in the development of resilient children.”

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