As many as 33% of women and 11% of males had children in a survey of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) individuals. The 2011 Australian Census recorded similar numbers, yet it is thought that few healthcare providers receive explicit training to enhance services to the GLBT community. 

The Bouverie Centre at La Trobe University this year released Guidelines for healthcare providers working with same-sex parented families. They were developed in response to research indicating same-sex and gender-diverse parents had to “shop around” for healthcare providers that were knowledgeable in sexual and family diversity and who could offer respectful, inclusive treatment.

This resource gives professionals valuable insight into how best to work with same-sex parented families, such as:

  • some of the more prevalent myths, the evidence-based truth and the implications for healthcare providers
  • common terms relating to this community
  • the things they value in healthcare providers and services
  • tips for working effectively with same-sex parented families.
For more information about the guidelines, visit the VicHealth website.