A partnership between KidsMatter and Mindful from the University of Melbourne has enabled the first facilitator training for Tuning in to Kids™ and Tuning in to Teens™ training in the Northern Territory in August 2013. 

Ann Harley, parenting educator and co-author of the Tuning in to Kids™ program, travelled to Darwin to facilitate the training with 18 delegates.

KidsMatter and Mindful share the overall aim of improved quality of life, mental health and the social and emotional wellbeing of children and families.  This collaboration means greater access to parenting interventions in the Northern Territory and more options available to families. 

There are many health and community professionals engaged with KidsMatter in the Top End – through supporting schools with implementing KidsMatter, keeping a focus on mental health and wellbeing in schools and delivering mental health support to children and families in school settings.  These professionals were supported to attend the Tuning in to Kids™ and Tuning in to Teens™ training with discounted registration.  

We are excited to see how this partnership develops and to hear more about the creative ways Tuning in to Kids™ and Tuning in to Teens™ is taken up in the Northern Territory.

We also interviewed Ann Harley for our Health and Community enewsletter. Read the full interview.