Welcome to Working with KidsMatter online. This section of the website is designed to help you get to know KidsMatter and why being involved can be beneficial for you and the work you do. By working your way through these pages you will find out:

  • More about KidsMatter

  • How KidsMatter can make your job as a health and community professional easier

  • How KidsMatter works in early childhood education and care (ECEC) services and schools

  • Ways to connect with KidsMatter in your local (ECEC) services and schools. 

The following pages are structured to guide you and provide options for how you can work with KidsMatter. You can follow the topics of particular interest to you or take some time to fully digest all the information.

1. KidsMatter resources

2. Why work with KidsMatter?

3. About KidsMatter

4. Get to know the KidsMatter initiatives

5. How does KidsMatter help you in your role?

6. Becoming an external supporter

7. External supporters and KidsMatter implementation

8. Working with ECEC services and schools

9. Next steps