As you know, ECEC services and schools are complex organisations with competing demands and responsibilities.

What could some of those demands be?

This resource can be useful to think through some of the considerations when Working with ECEC services and schools (Word, opens in a new window). 

KidsMatter provides ECEC services and schools a framework for supporting children’s mental health. ECEC services and schools view the framework from within their context and make it relevant for their community. So exploring with them how you can work together in a way which most effectively utilises your skills whilst meeting their needs, assists ECEC services and schools to implement the initiative in a way that works for them.

Resources to support working together

As you are aware, developing shared understandings about expectations, roles, communication channels, boundaries and so on from the start can help to create an effective partnership. The following resources have been developed to support this process. They contain ideas around information you might find useful to share and gather. They could also be used as conversation starters.

What do you need to know about:

​​What will the ECEC service or school need to know about you? (opens in a new window)