KidsMatter Early Childhood regularly develops and contributes to a range of publications. We want to spread the word about how well early childhood services are supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing.
These publications inform the general public and wider research community about the KidsMatter Early Childhood initiative.

General publications

The following articles examine the implementation of the KidsMatter Early Childhood pilot from a number of perspectives.

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KidsMatter Early Childhood Components

The KidsMatter Early childhood framework consists of four components. The following articles have been written to highlight the target areas of each of these components.
Component 1
Creating a sense of community [215KB]
A discussion of belonging and connectedness, inclusion, positive relationships and collaboration. Every Child, 2010, v.16 no.4
Component 2
Developing children's social and emotional skills [255KB]
Examination of the 3 target areas of this Component, including strategies used by various early childhood services around Australia. Every Child, 2011, v.17 no.1
Meeting needs now [2MB]
Ways to respond to the emotional needs of babies and children, as written by NSW KidsMatter Early Childhood Facilitator, Rita Johnston. Every Child, 2010, v.16 no.2
Component 3
Working with parents and carers [299KB]
Analysis of the 3 target areas of this Component: supporting families, inspiring learning, and influencing a child’s positive sense of self and wellbeing. Every Child, 2011, v.17 no.3
Component 4
Helping children who are experiencing mental health difficulties [345KB]
A discussion of the 2 target areas of this Component: understanding children’s mental health and wellbeing, and responding to children who are experiencing mental health difficulties.