KidsMatter in partnership with a team of experienced Aboriginal consultants has developed a series of animations and accompanying resources to support Aboriginal children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

These animations also aim to help health and community professionals gain a better understanding of what social and emotional wellbeing can mean to Aboriginal people.

Animations feature three key themes: cultural identity, adults taking care of themselves and resilience

Each of the twelve short animations tells a story that highlights key messages about the day-to-day care of Aboriginal children’s wellbeing by parents, families and communities.

By focusing on holistic health (connection to country, culture, community and family) and storytelling, the animations speak directly to an Aboriginal audience and help health and community professionals and services to better understand the needs of these communities.

The animations explore these three key themes:

  1. Cultural identity - how children's sense of identity and belonging is supported and strengthened by their connection to family, culture and cultural practices.

  2. Adults taking care of themselves - the importance of adults looking after their own social and emotional wellbeing and asking for help so they can support children’s wellbeing.

  3. Resilience - exploring the intergenerational passing down of knowledge and experiences, and how this is an essential element of supporting children to develop resilience.

The animations are multi-layered and feature a range of kin relationships, cultural roles and responsibilities, environments and experiences.

They also highlight the crucial role these interactions play in fostering Aboriginal children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Ronnie Briggs, cultural consultant said that these animations are like having another Elder in the room talking to you.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an adult, this is Elders talking to you and hopefully they’ll help you along in your life,” he said.

Guidance videos to assist professionals to use these animations in a culturally safe way

While originally developed for families and use in schools and early childhood services, these animations are now being used more widely by others, including health and community professionals.

In response to this, KidsMatter has developed three new guidance videos to ensure that the animations are used in a culturally appropriate way:

  • Through your lens –focuses on the importance of creating culturally safe environments

  • Connecting to heal – introduces the animations and provides guidance on how to use them in a culturally safe way

  • Starting conversations – is a guide for users who have a strong, existing relationship with Aboriginal families and communities

Featuring interviews with the cultural consultants who were involved in the development of the animations, these videos discuss the importance of creating culturally safe environments in which to view the animations.

A range of professional learning tools complement the animations and guidance videos and include discussion points, a self-reflection tool and an action chart.

KidsMatter Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander online resource portal

The animations and accompanying resources complement the KidsMatter Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resource portal.

This portal brings together more than 200 public resources about the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.