The KidsMatter and MindMatters Pathways resource has been developed to support schools in a K-12 setting, by making connections between KidsMatter Primary and MindMatters. KidsMatter supports the mental health and wellbeing of children and their families from birth until the end of primary school, and MindMatters is specifically designed to focus on young people in secondary schools up to the age of 18 years.

KidsMatter and MindMatters Pathways is designed to help schools connect KidsMatter Primary and MindMatters and create a seamless approach that supports the mental health of students and their families across age groups and school settings.

An integrated approach can support students’ mental health and wellbeing by helping students and their families to remain connected to school during transition periods, to see the school as a continuous source of support and to ensure that consistent messages and language are used across all year levels. KidsMatter and MindMatters Pathways draws upon the experiences of schools who have made connections between KidsMatter and MindMatters.

KidsMatter and MindMatters Pathways has been designed to align with KidsMatter Pathways: Integrating Primary and Early Childhood to support K – 12 schools. Download now.


The following case studies have also been developed to illustrate different pathways that have been taken by schools to integrate KidsMatter and MindMatters:

Bates Drive Public School

Boyup Brook District High School

Mount Barker Community College

St Mary's College, Hobart