KidsMatter Early Childhood is designed to be driven from within the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community. Each ECEC service puts their own unique stamp on the initiative in response to the needs of their particular community.

Implementing KidsMatter Early Childhood is a process of continuous improvement. Each ECEC service establishes a KidsMatter Leadership Team who will plan and lead implementation. Initially this includes the following people but can be expanded over time to include others who are important to the service:

  • The service director or coordinator
  • A representative from the management committee, or a parent or carer
  • A staff member

For more information about the implementation process and stages, have a look at KidsMatter Early Childhood: Tools and guidelines for implementation and read the introduction to find out more about how ECEC services get started and the plan, do and review sections to find out more about the Plan-Do-Review implementation process.

You can also access Shared Thinking, a blog supporting Leadership Teams in implementing ECEC services with regular posts from the KidsMatter Early Childhood team. Here you will find some ECEC service stories explaining what being involved in KidsMatter has meant to them. 

There are also many tools and resources available for implementing services on the Early Childhood section of the KidsMatter website.

What support do you think a Leadership Team might find helpful throughout their KidsMatter journey?

How could this fit into your current role?