The following are a list of children’s activity books that can assist families who have a child starting school. You may like to direct families to these links or have them printed to distribute to families before and after they settle into school. 


A picture book about me
This book will assist primary school teachers to learn more about children and families before school begins. The book can be printed in black and white or colour so that children can draw pictures of themselves at home with their family. Children can then share this book to their primary school teacher.







I am going to school next year

This book assists primary school teachers to learn more about the ECEC service a child attended. Parents or early childhood educators can insert photographs of the child’s educator, friends, and what they like to play. This book can then be printed and shared with the primary school teacher. 








I am starting school

This book is about helping children prepare for starting school. Educators or families can print out the book in colour so that pictures or photographs can be inserted of the child’s new routine, environment, and teachers at school. Families or educators may choose to do this during or after children visit their new school. Families can then read the book regularly with their child to help familiarise them with their new school day.