We’ve designed a few simple classroom activities for primary school children that can be used to highlight themes from the KidsMatter components.

If you have successfully used any activities in your classroom that you would like to share with other schools in the Kidsmatter network, please email  frontdesk@kidsmatter.edu.au

Every face has a place

At KidsMatter we believe that every face has a place. We’ve designed a simple activity sheet for junior primary children. It can be used during Component 1 to help you talk about belonging and the way that everyone in their class and school has an important part to play.

Children can draw:

  • Different faces of children in their class
  • Faces of people in their school (eg the receptionist, the groundsman)
  • Faces of people in their family or community

You could also use the sheet during Component 2 to brainstorm different feelings and emotions. Download the Activity Sheet Every Face Has A Place [83KB] [PDF] Activity Sheet Every Face Has A Place [37KB] [Word]

KidsMatter artwork template

Why do we do what we do? It is because kids matter.

Here are some ideas to help you help your kids to remember that they matter:

Idea 1: Invite kids to have a discussion about: “How do people show you that you matter? What matters  to you? I matter because …”

Idea 2: Use the KidsMatter logo as a starting point for a discussion. How many children they can see the in the logo? Use the two people from within the KidsMatter logo as the basis of a collage, mural or to make your KidsMatter flags.

Download the KidsMatter Primary Art Work Template [7KB] [PDF]KMP artwork template [35KB] [Word]