03 April 2017


St Anthony's Catholic College is:

  • A Franciscan school in the Townsville Catholic Diocese where our motto is ‘Let your light Shine’
  • P-12 College with a population of over 700 students on the primary campus
  • Demographic includes indigenous and defence families.

And so the journey begins…

St. Anthony’s Catholic College first sought to get involved with KidsMatter in August 2010.  A journey that continued to grow and develop into the first KidsMatter School in Queensland. It has been a busy time with a very active Action Team ensuring the social and emotional learning of our students remains a priority at the school. Kristen Edwards, one of the founding Action Team Members reflects on how it all began.  ‘We (the school) wanted to foster positive support and inclusion for families in our school community.  The framework helped establish pathways to welcome parents to be inclusive and encouraged topics to be discussed.’
Some of the initiatives that we have in our school include:
  • KidsMatter Afternoon Teas for parents and community members.  Informative parent sessions are also given throughout the year with topics suggested of interest to our parents.
  • KidsMatter Crew – Leadership from the ground up!
    Another initiative was creating a KidsMatter Crew with our Year 6 students. Each term the Crew come together to discuss and role play ways to show our YCDI Keys of Success within the school grounds.  They come to regular meetings and brainstorm new ways ‘catch’ students who are role modelling to others our SHINE motto. During lunch times they are easily identified in their bright yellow jerseys and KidsMatter badges.
  • SHINE Awards are given each week on assembly.  
    The children have embraced the opportunity to be acknowledged for their efforts to SHINE - the school’s motto for modelling positive behaviours. Some students also receive special SHINE postcards in the mail from staff when being recognised for exemplary behaviours. These are enjoyed by both students and their families when the wonderful messages arrive home.
Seven years in the making our KidsMatter strategy is still very much an active and important part of our school community.  Regular conversations, information sessions and ongoing professional development for staff has helped us to sustain healthy relationships between the school, parents and students to create a safe and supportive environment for all. Download this school story from here.
St. Anthony's Catholic College consistently promotes positive student behaviours through various activities. Its KidsMatter Crew recognises children who are modelling exemplary behaviors. Photo shows recognised students wearing bright yellow jerseys and KidsMatter badges.










St. Anthony's Catholic College's SHINE motto embodies the model positive behaviour in the school.







The school also holds regular activities for parents and families like teas and information sessions to build engagement and promote inclusiveness.