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27 March 2017
One of the common questions asked by teachers and school staff is how to proactively and effectively communicate with parents and carers.  KidsMatter Primary suggests two approaches that teachers and school staff can apply. These are: promoting information and responding using the S-I-B model.
Promoting involves the whole-school community increasing access to information about children’s wellbeing, social and emotional learning, school policies, activities and other relevant topics.  Research have shown that providing information proactively can help build the positive relationships between the school and family. It also reduces the demands on school staff because information is being delivered at a time and manner suitable to them. Further, it also ensures that parents and carers, who have different needs and comfort levels in accessing support, receive the information they need. 

Responding using the S-I-B model helps teachers and school staff to answer positively questions and concerns. It involves setting the scene (S), identifying interests (I), and brainstorming options (B). 
This approach supports teachers and school staff to respond within the scope of their own role without feeling pressured to have all the answers. It also helps maintain cooperation so that both school and families can work together towards the best outcome for the student. 
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