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22 February 2017
KidsMatter Primary and Principals Australia Institute has scheduled a range of face--to-face and online professional learning events to help your school progress through the next Component. In addition, special topics such as student resilience, staff wellbeing, and school services will be presented by guest speakers in selected events. 
In response to feedback from Nothern Territory schools and to make it easier for people to attend, we will offer the component professional learning over two afternoons. Each component professional learning will conclude on the second day at the same time and venue. Register now by clicking on any of the links below:
  • Component 3: Working with parents and carers (19 and 26 April 2017)
  • Component 4: Helping students experiencing mental health difficulties (20 and 27 April 2017)

Registration for all events is free. For more information, contact us at