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29 November 2016
Principals Australia Institute Project Officers in the Northern Territory met with the staff of Douglas Daly School in November to assist them as they began their KidsMatter journey.  
Douglas Daly School forms part of the Top End Group School, composed of 13 remote schools across the top end of the Northern Territory. Indu Parmar is the school’s teaching principal who works with Madeline Dell and Lovisa Heeb in supportive roles, to provide meaningful education for their thirteen enrolments from pre-school to grade six. They are located on the Douglas Daly Research Farm, 220 kilometres South West of Darwin, where the farming of cattle and various crops are studied to improve farming techniques. The campus, comprising of two classrooms, is set amongst shady trees and surrounded by cattle that welcome visitors past the farm gate.  The school is the centre of a tight-knit but widespread community of 200 people, about 50 of whom are permanent locals, with some parents travelling from surrounding farms an average 200 kilometres a day to get their children to and from school along dusty outback roads. 
The goal of the school is to ‘foster a sense of resilience in our students that will prepare them for their lives ahead’ said Ms Parmar. She and her staff were delighted at the opportunity to learn about how KidsMatter Primary could assist in guiding future direction at the school, as well as strengthening many of the positive practices they have already implemented. Parent engagement is already outstanding at the school, as evidenced by staff chatting away the best part of an hour at the school gate with parents at the end of the day. 
PAI’s Northern Territory staff felt extremely fortunate to spend the day with such dedicated educators and chatting with children, and very much look forward to supporting Douglas Daly School on their KidsMatter Primary journey.