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27 March 2017
Developing social and emotional learning (SEL) skills is integral for children’s mental health and wellbeing. Every child needs social and emotional skills. Being able to build relationships with others and to manage their own emotions can help every child to learn better, avoid behavioural problems, and develop resilience.
While there are several ways in teaching these skills, research has shown that taking a whole-school approach is the most effective.  This approach enables SEL skills to be embedded at every level of the curriculum so that teachers will be able to plan, students will take these more seriously, and the whole school can evaluate effectiveness. 
KidsMatter Primary’s whole-school approach enables SEL skills to be taught formally, regularly, and in a coordinated and supported way throughout the school. It provides a structured way for all school staff to teach these explicitly, consistently and as part of the curriculum.  In addition, KidsMatter Primary has a Programs Guide which you can browse to select SEL programs that are applicable to your school’s context.