An important aspect of implementing KidsMatter Primary is the consultation process with school staff. See questions and answers about the staff surveys.

Whole-school staff surveys
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Information for school staff

What is the survey about?

The survey asks staff for their perspectives on what they, and the school, are currently doing to promote students’ mental health and wellbeing, and their views on the school’s current activities. The survey addresses the four KidsMatter components, which each take about five minutes to complete.

Who should participate?

The staff consultation process for KidsMatter Primary encourages all staff to complete four short surveys. These relate directly to the areas covered by the four components. An invitation to take the survey comes from your school Action team.

What happens to the answers?

The answers provided by staff are completely anonymous and are stored securely by KidsMatter Primary and the school. Only summarised results that align to the four components are used for the purposes of informing school planning.