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  • Children/Students
  • Parents/Carers


  • Component 1 : A positive school community
  • Component 2 : Social and emotional learning for students
  • Component 3 : Working with parents and carers


  • Social and emotional skills
  • Parenting education
  • Whole-school approach


A universal, health promotion and prevention program designed for primary school children aged 5-12 to learn positive habits based on gratitude, kindness, mindfulness and optimism.   

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  • Primary teachers and staff
  • Other


Growing with Gratitude aims to help children learn optimistic thinking skills, gratitude, mindfulness and behavioural habits to develop resilience and positive wellbeing. It also aims to promote a positive school community that normalises thoughts and behaviours that express gratitude, kindness and optimism.


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  • National


Growing With Gratitude incorporates positive psychology techniques for learning and adopting new behaviors and thought processes that align with Dr Martin Seligman’s theory of learned optimism and positive wellbeing: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA). Through repetition of daily activities, students are encouraged to form new and lasting positive habits – the “Five Habits of Happiness”.

The program includes lesson plans, activities, a student journal, worksheets and classroom resources that focus on the key concepts of gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism and happiness. A home-based version of the program is also available for parents and children who wish to undertake the activities in a home environment. 

The program is linked with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA): Health and PE and the Personal, Social and Physical Education Scope & Sequence (PSPE) in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).


Program Structure / Methods of Delivery: 

Growing With Gratitude features a flexible range of program materials that teachers, parents and students can use. For classroom-based learning, a recommended delivery outline and guidelines are included in a ‘Teacher Tactics Pack’, in addition to structured lesson plans (modules) for each year level from Foundation – Year 7 that are available from the Growing With Gratitude website library. Modules are also available in two versions, one aligned to the Australian Curriculum and one aligned to the IB stream. Each lesson is approx. 45 -60 minutes in length. Most of the modules feature 4 lessons, with the exception being grades 6 & 7 featuring 5 – 7 lessons. 

The program includes a home-based learning option with a manual which details the Five Habits of Happiness, program guidelines, outcomes, background and theory, delivery tips, resources and references. 


Methods of delivery

Growing with Gratitude is a flexible learning program that includes a classroom-based delivery mode with structured lesson plans, daily activities, a student journal, worksheets and resources that focus on the key concepts of gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism and happiness. It can also be adopted by parents and children in a home-based environment where an essential component of the program is short daily activities (2-10 minutes long) that are recorded in a ‘Gratitude Journal’. Activities are designed to introduce some fun and spontaneity to the program by using the Habits of Happiness Wheel, a colourful tool that children can spin and randomly select 1 of 15 activities. An emphasis on family and community service is also featured in the home-based excersises.


The program is available to all States and Territories. Compulsory training is not necessary as website and printed materials provide clear instructions.


Teacher Tactics: includes Teacher Tactics booklet, Mindful Meditation CD, Habits of Happiness Wheel, Gratitude Jar, Gratitude poster, one Grade Level Module (website), online support resources. (Note: Gratitude Journals for students purchased separately.) $64.95AUD

Home Grown Gratitude: includes  Home Grown Gratitude booklet,  Meditation CD, Gratitude Jar, online  support resources, 2 x Gratitude  Journals. $59.95AUD

Products Individually

Gratitude Journal $19.95AUD

Gratitude Jar Stickers $4.95AUD

Gratitude Tree Poster $9.95AUD

Habits of Happiness Wheel $14.95AUD

Mindful Meditation CD $14.95AUD

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Evidence of Effectiveness

Evidence of Effectiveness Description: 

Growing With Gratitude received a grant to trial and evaluate the program in Schools in Australia and Hong Kong in 2015 in collaboration with the University of South Australia. Further information and a full report will be available via the Growing With Gratitude website once complete.  

Identified Theoretical Framework: 


Identified Theoretical Framework Description: 

Growing With Gratitude is based on principles of positive psychology, in particular, the theories of learned optimism and positive well-being (PERMA) developed by psychologist Dr Martin Seligman.   

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Ashley Manuel

About the Author(s): 

Ashley is the Founder/Owner of Growing With Gratitude which commenced in March 2014. Ashley’s role as founder includes:

-    Researcher

-    Content Creator

-    Product/resource creator

-    Global Community leader

-    Speaker

Ashley’s professional background is in Primary PE teaching with over 11 years’ experience at Immanuel Primary School in Adelaide. For 8 years he taught year 2-5 PE, with additional 3 years in the role of Head of PE and Sport. 

Contact Information: 

Name: Ashley Manuel

Address: 42 Cliff St, Glenelg East 5045

Phone: 0405188355