Are you ready to get started?

Your school is ready to start your KidsMatter journey when:

  1. School leadership has been been thoroughly briefed.
  2. The school staff and community are generally supportive (you can use the Introduction to KidsMatter Primary video and PowerPoint to inform them and engage their support).
  3. There is a group within the school who are keen to lead and drive your school along the KidsMatter journey. This team is known as the KidsMatter Action Team. You can read more about this in Leading And Driving KidsMatter [790KB] [PFD] Leading And Driving KidsMatter [12KB] [Word]
  4. This team is able to attend a Getting Started one-day event, run by one of our KidsMatter staff members in your region. This is a crucial step. 
  5. School leadership is prepared to actively support the process. This means:
    • Advocating for KidsMatter.
    • Enabling the ongoing functioning of the Action Team.
    • Making provision for the equivalent of 14 hours of professional learning for the whole staff over a 2 – 3 year period.
    • Supporting the integration of KidsMatter into the school’s strategic plan.

Forming an Action Team