The Programs Guide assists schools in making informed decisions about appropriate and effective school social and emotional learning (SEL) programs.

There are numerous mental health and wellbeing programs available for primary school students. Some are general and some target different concerns or issues that may arise in schools. Some programs are classroom-based and intended for all students. Others focus on specific issues and are intended to be provided to small groups of students. Other programs may focus on staff development and learning to support a positive school culture and community.

Choosing a program for your school

The Programs Guide provides information about available programs in order to help schools make an informed choice when selecting a program to address the particular needs of their students.

You can search the Programs Guide based on specific criteria, and compare the programs with an "at-a-glance" comparison table.

Some Component-based searches have already been done for you:

Programs with special arrangements for KidsMatter schools/services

From time to time, programs offer discounts or special arrangements to KidsMatter schools/services. KidsMatter does not endorse these programs and does not prioritise one program over another. KidsMatter encourages schools and services to use the Program Guides to explore the available programs and determine the best choice to meet their needs. Find out more about the latest offers.